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Dog Walking Service

Private Dog Walking Service:

Private dog walking services allow us to provide to your dog(s) on-leash/one-on-one walk sessions in the areas of your preference within your community. We understand that every dog have different needs, so for that reason; duration, distance, pace, will vary to suit each client pets’ needs. NO Additional charge for multiple dogs within the same household. No additional charge for cleaning paws and private areas after walks, replenishing fresh water/food, disposing of their pet waste and giving them the love and care they constantly deserve!

Buddy Dog Walking:

Buddy Dog walking services allows your dog and their doggie buddies or neighbors’ to be walked in pairs at the same time. Duration, location, distance and pace will also vary on their needs. An evaluation is needed prior, to ensure that your dog (s) has social compatible skills. This type of activity is a great way to have your dog socialize with their new buddies, but at the same time, receive the love and care they all deserve. We also found that some long lasting doggie friendships have develop. 

Doggie Parks:

This service is offered to your sociable dog that enjoys visits to the local, safe and clean dog park. Your dog will benefit from great exercise, activities, socialization, love and attention. Our Pet care member will pick up and drop your dog(s) from your home location. This type of service duration can be from 30mins –1hr. All dog(s) must be pre-screened and up-to-date with their immunizations. Proof of such will be required.

Potty Breaks And Feedings :

Some pets may only  need a potty break once a day usually in the middle of the day. If you find that you may have a business lunch or would just like to have lunch with friends or co workers this service may be for you. 

Pet  Sitting:

Some pets need a lot of care and attention, and prefer to have a human to sleep next to at night. Furthermore, when you are away for a long period of time, you may need to consider that your house will be safe and well-kept.

An Overnight pet sitter will sleep in your home while you are away. They will follow your pet’s care guidelines, and care for your home as well. With an over night pet sitter, your home will look occupied while you are away, so you do not have to stress about the safety of your home. We will be available to care for house plants, keep the house tidy, bring in mail, and take out garbage. We also clean out cat litter boxes and wash when needed.

We offer overnight pet sitting service in your home. We can bring our inflatable bed ( we even bring our own coffee, sugar and towels ) with us. Generally, we arrive around the time that you leave. During our overnight stay, walks and other pet needs are included.  I once pet sat for 5 months while the owners were working in  Australia.

During our stay in your home, we only allow people that you authorize such as friends, neighbors, house cleaners and relatives to come into your home. There will be no girlfriends ( when I have one ) or our friends allowed in your home.

We will clean the bathroom, kitchen and vacuum before your return. Also remove pet waste daily. We STRIVE to have your home the same as when you left.

Pet Transportation Services:

Most pets have very busy parents who work hard - and often, away from home. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to take your doggy to where he or she needs to go. We offer a pet taxi service, where we are happy to be your pet transportation service to or from the vet, the kennel, the groomer, the airport, dog trainer, doggy day care, dog boarding, friends or family, your new home, and/or dog parks.

We do our best to ensure that your pet has a safe and stress free trip from point A to point B. We are happy to provide a service to or from where ever they need to go. If you are moving we can pick up and deliver your pet to your new home to save you the additional stress.

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