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Hello all, I'm Steve Warchak. I retired from San Diego Gas & Electric in 2002 after 31 years ( how I lasted that long, I have no idea ) of service.

One day I was thinking I'm tired of San Diego, I need a change. Then it came to me. I remembered visiting Palm Springs with a girlfriend I had at that time in the early 90's. I made a comment that I would like to live here when I retire. So, I moved here.

I Sold my home in 2005 when the market went crazy. Moved to Texas ( big mistake ) sold my home there just in time in 2007. Moved back here. and left  again in 2009. Moved back here in November 2011 and hope to never leave again.

I love the desert. The heat doesn't bother me, you can still find me outside at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, doing some people watching,

Found My BoneI

I started pet sitting about  three years ago when I became a victim of the economy. I had to leave Palm Springs and moved to Georgia, where I have family.

I have a niece that wanted me to house and pet sit for her while she went on her honeymoon for a week. Well, one of her neighbors was going on vacation in a month and wanted to know if I could do the same for her. She in turn mentioned me to one of her co workers and her co worker told a friend and word just spread around about me.

 I'm Here, Let's Play

I was told that I should start a pet sitting business ( I never knew there was this type of business ) since I have had pets and love animals. That's when I decided to create Rex And Sly Pet Sitting. Soon I included dog walking and other services.

The Pet Care Industry has been very good to me. I enjoy what I do and treat it as a hobby. I guess it's true, " Things Do Happen For A Reason ".

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