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Rex And Sly came into my life at different times. Rex was found by a  friend roaming around his neighborhood. After getting no response from signs posted and the lost and found ad that was placed, I was asked if I wanted him, It was love at first sight. After a few days I decided to name him Rex because of his unique personality.


Hey, Where is everyone? I want to go for a walk.

Rex, was very social with other dogs, ( had no use for cats ) and especially kids, he loved
Halloween when kids would come by for candy. He lived to go on walks!!!!!!!! He had this thing of not wanting to use the back yard as a bathroom. I had to get up every morning at 4:30 ( he would let me sleep till 6:30 on the weekends ) to take him for his 2 mile walk. It could be in the 30's, pouring down rain and off we went. The same in the evening, no matter what time I got home from work.

He had this golf club cover that he took with his walks and everywhere he went. People would say there goes Rex taking his sock for a walk. Kids would come over asking can they take Rex for a walk.

When Rex got his bath, he knew that he looked good. He would hold his head high and prince when we went for a walk.

When Rex became sick, I was told to take time off from my supervisor if needed.Everyone knew what he meant to me. The same when he went to Doggie Heaven. The first evening when I came home from work, my neighbors came out to be with me because they didn't won't me going into an empty home by myself.

Now Sly, Sly was something else!!!!!! About nine months after I lost Rex, I arrived at work one morning and was told to go into the breakroom. In there, there was this six week old black puppy in a box that one of my co workers dog had. Everyone said " Steve you need him and he needs you ". I said " no,no, I don't need another dog, especially a puppy ". I made the mistake of bending down to pet him and he licked my face. Everyone said " Steve, he didn't lick our faces just yours" . Well, I thought about it during the day and told them ok, ok, I'll take him home.

When I got him home, I wanted to show him to all of my neighboors. Well, that dog licked everyone's face. "I said you sly little thing" Thus the name Sly.Sly would not quick growing. He just kept growing and growing. He got to be larger than Rex but a gentle giant. If you saw him coming toward you, you would think that your life on earth was over. He just wanted to play and be petted. Like Rex, Sly was also very social. All he wanted to do is play.

Sly had just one flaw, he was a digger. I tried everything. From large cow bones from the
market, all kind of toys to keep him busy, sprinkling hot pepper on the ground. You name
it I tried it. He would just look at me, like he was saying "yeah, this is going to work". It was a losing battle.

I Will Find A Place To Dig!!

One day, I was cutting the grass and looking at all of the bare spots where Sly had dug. I stopped and looked around and it came to me "CONCRETE". My yard wasn't that large. I Looked at Sly, said "I'm going to fix ( I did that too ) you.

So, I had a large patio slab put in at one end of my yard with a path leading to the other end to a smaller slab. Than I put up electric wire around the perimeter. Than I planted a lot of colorful plants and shrubs. Gave Sly one side of the house to do as he please. It cost me $6,000, but not only did I win the battle, I also had a beautiful back yard.

Sly wouldn't play ball outside but inside he would. I'll roll the ball on the floor, he would get it, bring it back and give it to me and do it over and over. Also, I learned not to leave food on the counter because he would get it in a second. He would eat a roast and steaks in a heartbeat.

Sly was a loving, loyal and affectionate dog. Sometimes he would just come and give me a kiss out of the blue.

I only had Sly for about five years. when I lost him. One day he was fine, next day I could see something wasn't right and the next day he was gone.

And yes, Sly also got his walks!!!!

I think of Rex and Sly often and a smile always comes across my face.

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